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About us

Medical billing is a crucial part of revenue cycle
management and you need personnel focused on it
specifically to get the best results.

At CareBiller, we provide LTC-focused medical billing services that deliver accuracy, dedication and results at reasonable rates

Benefits of Medical Billing Outsourcing

of healthcare facilities’ revenue is spent on medical billing
Reduced Costs

This amount can be significantly reduced with outsourcing. In-house billing professionals need training, benefits, insurance, and payroll to cover hardware/software installation costs which produces a lot of expenses. An outsourcing company will take over these costs and you will only have the monthly fee left as an expense.

performance increase when using outsourced billing professionals
Increased Effectiveness

Outsourced billing teams are more efficient because they primarily focus on collecting bills and they do not run other administrative tasks. A reduction in errors will lead to minimizing the number of delayed or denied insurance claims and will increase the collection rate.

Who We Help

Healthcare Providers
Healthcare Providers
From big hospitals and nursing homes to private medical practices, we can assemble the perfect team for anyone.
Medical Billing Companies
Medical Billing Companies
Do not hesitate to enrich your company with outsourced professionals - reduced costs and a bigger talent pool are guaranteed
Why CareBiller

With a focus on LTC billing and the knowledge
of it's tools and processes, we can seamlessly
join your existing billing team or help take over
the billing process from another organization.

We have more than 60 billers on our team to offer as many professionals as you may need.
We also have team leaders with 10+ years of experience who know how to organize the billing processes for an organization of any scale and with any specialty.
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Professional Billers on Our Team

Ability to Fully Adjust to Your Unique Needs

If you have established workflows, we have all the technological and organizational capabilities to fully adapt to what you need. Our billers can become an organic part of your already existing team. 

Capacity to Quickly Scale Your Team Up or Down

We have a vast network of billers and team leaders so we can find any employee to fit your requirements and your liking and build teams from scratch within a few days. If you are growing your team, we can steadily expand your team with at least 4 new professionals each month.

Ensured Compliance

Regulations in healthcare are always changing and you have to constantly monitor the updates to stay on top of the game. Our billing professionals know how to adhere to all the legal requirements including HIPAA and ensure the confidentiality of the ePHI, so you can avoid penalties and fines.

Choose the Suitable Cooperation Model

Our cooperation starts long before our
billers begin their first workday with you.

so we thoroughly analyze the particularities of your company and your business objectives so we can choose a suitable cooperation model.
Staff Augmentation

Extend your in-house team with our billers if you need the flexibility to quickly scale your billing department up or down so it can accomodate the ever-changing business needs.

Full Medical Billing Services

Outsource the billing processes to us if you don’t want to invest in building an in-house department and wish to leverage our expertise in revenue cycle management and healthcare technology.

Consultancy Services

Benefit from our business advisory services if you need experts to thoroughly study your revenue management cycle, find areas of revenue leakage, and offer the best ways to optimize the payment collection processes.

How We Work With Clients

Tell Us About Your Company.

Fill out the contact form and provide all the details about your practice so we can research the unique challenges you face before our first meeting.

Let’s Talk.

Our representatives will ask you about your needs and preferred workflows or help you figure them out and we can tell you more about CareBiller.

We Search For Candidates.

We will look through our database to see which billers match your needs and send over their profiles so you can choose and assemble the right team for you.

You Approve the Team.

You find your perfect team and they help your business grow. Keep in mind that you can always contact us at any time if you need more members, less members or you want to change the employee. 

Share Details About Your Business Needs.

During our first meeting, we’ll ask you to disclose all the information about your billing-related operational processes, so we know what tasks we will need to focus on.

Let Us Form a Top-Notch Billing Team for You.

We work together to choose a team of billing professionals with years of relevant experience based on our analysis of your business processes and main challenges.

Get Constant Reports About the Team’s Performance.

You’ll be provided with detailed reports about the performance of your outsourced billing team and the improvements made to your revenue management cycle.

Always Be in Touch With Our Managers.

You can contact our managers at any time and be sure that we’ll quickly address all of your concerns and will be able to adjust the services provided based on your ever-changing business needs.

We Analyze Your Billing Processes.

Before starting our cooperation, we conduct a profound analysis of your billing processes to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

You Assess Our Improvement Plan.

We create a strategy to improve your revenue cycle management to simplify payment collection and maximize your revenue.

We Integrate New Solutions.

Once the optimal  strategy is chosen, we help you integrate all the needed software and form a high-quality team that will bring your billing to the next level.

We Evaluate the Success of the New Strategy and Adjust It If Needed.

We rely on data to assess the success of the strategy offered and constantly seek new ways  to enhance your revenue cycle management to the next level.

Minimize Your Workload and Maximize
Reimbursement Rate with CareBiller.

CareBiller will help you minimize the cost per $
collected while maximizing the reimbursement

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